There are various kinds of essays in English subject where visual effects are more effective and often are basic requirements of different assignments.

Among these kinds, visual essay is of paramount importance. A visual essay can be defined as a piece of content or writing assignment where images and pictures are used with text material to illustrate a particular topic. It can exist in various forms and kinds like set of images for a particular subject or mixture of pictures which can help and support the certain content.

Now for students, who get these visual essays as their assignments, they often confuse these with a normal essay and they consider that it’s far easy and convenient to put together some images and submit their assignments. However, to collect good quality visual content with particular images is as challenging as writing a particular text assignment.

A visual essay can be written on various kinds of topics and subjects like history, geography or art and sciences. It is formulated in form of Microsoft word document or pdf with images.

The particular length of a visual essay should be of 500-700 words along with ten to twelve images. As we know from its name that, visual essay is largely dependent on graphical aids therefore it is necessary to choose relevant and useful images for the assignments.

The things we can add in a visual essay:

Tools which can be used:

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