Argumentative essay writing is a type of writing in which certain argument is presented by writer and then he proves and validates it through facts and figures. The data should be presented in such a way that audience is convinced about the main theme and they agree with you. There are certain principles and rules which need to be followed to write an effective argumentative essay.


Following are the guidelines to write an argumentative essay for academic writers:

  • Start with a sentence which compels the readers to read the whole content till the end. You can use a quote or some interesting question for this purpose to get attention of readers.
  • Now add some background of your story to make your audience understand the issue. The background can include information which supports your arguments being presented. For example, you are arguing about the feudal system of certain area then your background will include the history and the series of happenings which led to some destruction etc.
  • Now write body paragraphs, which include persuasive reasons so that people agree with you for your arguments and reasons.
  •  Now state your reasons and add at least three main reasons so that people can agree with you. You can present them in various styles, like in form of stories, jokes or facts and figures.
  • Explain both sides of your arguments and present the details of each of them for better understanding. You can use comparison and contrast methods for this purpose also. After showing the details of both sides, now mention the valid reasons of why your side is more good and valid as compared to the other one.
  • Afterwards, write a conclusion paragraph which highlights your main arguments and support your reasons in detail. Also mention the importance of your topic and cover a large group of people to help them understand the reasons.

Following are some recommended topics of argumentative essays for your future use:

  1. Is cloning of animals is ethical?
  2. Are people’s decisions governed by media?
  3. Should gun be used for self-protection by everybody?
  4. Is mobile an essential component in business marketing?