Comics are basically a type of delivering ideas in the form of images combined with textual representation. They can be displayed in various forms like captions and speech balloons.

Sometimes the reader has not much time to go through entire content to get the main theme of a particular context. The comics ensure that the graphics with text explain the whole point of view.

For students, the comics help in better understanding of a particular topic and the knowledge grasping procedure is fast using them. Similarly in the curriculum of various courses and studies, the comics are added so that student can get better understanding.

There are various steps to write a comic content, may it be a comic book or a piece of paper for students, teachers and writers.

The first step to write a comic context is selection of a genre. It can be fictional, scientific or college humor. Remember that the genre is very important and all of the content is primarily based upon this. Therefore give maximum time to this step.

After selecting the genre, create an outline including some major keywords on the basis of which whole story will revolve. The outline shows the main theme and answers various questions like, what is the main theme of story? What will be the beginning of the context and what type of language (formal or casual) should be used in the comic paper? The answer to these questions establishes a base which helps to develop and create full content.

Develop an outline of characters about their names, their strengths, what type of feelings and dialogues they will deliver and communication relationship among them.

Establish the beginning of comic paper or book by starting with main theme and develop the root cause of particular domain or topic. Mention some introductory outline which conveys the central point or theme.

After adding the begging paragraph, develop the story with characters and their dialogues along-with images to better deliver the topic. Use main characters with highlighted images and choose relevant dialogues for them.



Give each character specific role and write dialogues for them so that they can convey the required content with minimum effort and the reader can go through them without any difficulty.

In the end, conclude your comic work by adding concluding remarks and highlight the moral or main theme of the whole paper. This conclusion should ensure that whole point of view regarding some topic is delivered and understood by the target audience.