Descriptive essays are written to describe a situation, place, environment or a scenario in a particular time period and domain.

They are used to test the ability of writer to express his experiences and feelings in terms of written content.

Some hints and tips:

Following are some tips and hints to write a good and qualitative descriptive essay on a particular topic:

  • Use brainstorming while choosing the topic of your descriptive essay. It involves the clear thinking about the topic, i.e. what is the topic going to be about? What type of audience should be targeted for this essay? How are the resources going to be gathered with authentic information? Make list of questions and write down your gathered answers in a neat and clean sheet with numerical order.
  • Use all of your five senses while writing a descriptive essay. For example if you are writing a description of sunrise in the morning then mention how it feels? What it looks like? How the noise of early birds creates cheerfulness in your mood etc. This thing makes sure that reader is actually in the scenario and he feels the environment by just reading your descriptive words.
  • Choose right and correct words for your descriptive essay. Make sure that the vocabulary is easy and common to understand by the target people who are going to read your content. Don’t use complex phrases and sentences which lose attention of people.
  • Make sure your descriptions are satisfactory and clear enough so that the reader understands the whole scenario and don’t find difficulty in getting your point.
  • Maintain steady flow and good organizational structure of your work so that the proper flow is maintained and the reader doesn’t get confused. Use order and proper explanation to get full description of a scenario.


            Sample topics:

  • A sweet dream
  • An unforgettable ride in train
  • Your favorite character in a movie
  • Sunset in New York
  • The spring season and flower blooming