The making of the west peoples and culture. For your project, you will do the work of a historian. Do you remember what it means to “do history”? History is asking and answering questions. Historians use evidence to tell a story that answers some sort of question.  If you need a refresher, go back and read the “What Is History?” document in Module 1 and watch the video about history not being the same thing as the past.

Before we begin researching and looking for evidence, we need a question. Asking good questions can be difficult.  To help you with determining a good question to research, a list of possible questions has been developed which can be accessed via the hyperlink below.

To complete this journal assignment, you will do the following tasks:

  1. Review the list of possible topics for your project.
  2. Choose THREE topics that you’re interested in. (The three you choose must come from different subheadings.)
  3. Do some preliminary reading on these topics in your textbook, and write up your thoughts on each of the three topics after doing your preliminary research.

This journal assignment should a minimum of 300 words, 100 words for each topic you chose. You may compose your assignment in either the submission text box in the journal assignment or via a Word document. If you type your journal assignment in MS Word, make sure you format it using one-inch margins and double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font. Include a works-cited page if you have used resources to build or support your writing content.

In Module 6 in two weeks’ time, you will research one of these topics more fully and create an annotated bibliography. You will want to get an early start on the Module 6 assignment.

Videos to watch


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