After reading through the entire Administrative Procedures Act (APA), prepare a paper summarizing the APA.  Then, select one section from the APA, and explain how that section relates to current administrative procedures in the public arena.  You may use information learned in class and additional research to support your answer.



The due date for this assignment is Sunday by 23.55 EST or 11:55 PM.  Any assignment submitted late without prior approval by the instructor may not be graded, or may be partially graded by the instructor.

The paper should be 7 pages in length, using font size 12, 1 inch boarders.  The cover page, Abstract page (if you have one) and reference page do not count.  Proper APA writing procedures should be used.

This assignment reflects the student’s ability to analyze a law written and passed by both houses of Congress and signed into law by the President of the United States.


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