“What I want to do is stay away from race as a site for oppression and focus my work on race as a site for generative cultural critique and speculative problem-solving. My work will center on the definition of ‘Afrofuturism’ as I have defined it in my lectures and examine the movement as a trajectory over time since the 18th century, one that finds explicit expression and recognition as a movement within contemporary cultures of the African diaspora. These expressions are varied and take distinctly different forms, but they all have common elements that link them back to my original definition, one that makes Afrofuturism a movement of solutions rather than just an expression of seemingly persistent problems—Afrofuturism is Blackness changing the world for the better.” So, my professor wants us to interpret this epigraph and answer the prompts of how Black Panther accomplishes the goal(s) set forth in the epigraph above? And how does the narrative of Black Panther challenge the traditional notions of what constitutes “Blackness” as a category for identity within the African diaspora?


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