This project is based on Ch 21 (please read this chapter before getting started on this project). Write a formal analytical report. You MAY NOT recycle a paper from another class. The research must be original to this assignment unless approved by me. 

Discussion 5:

Post your (a) topic/problem/question, (b) a declarative statement, and (c) an audience to Discussion 5.

Outline (10 points):

Create an outline. See the example in section 21.4 of an outline for a formal report

Annotated bibliography in APA or MLA – (30 points)

Complete an annotated bibliography. It should have 5 sources. You may use additional sources for your report if you find items that are useful to you. You list each source in either APA or MLA style and underneath it, provide a summary, assessment, and reflection for each source. 

SUMMARY: a brief paragraph, which summarizes the key points in this source. If it is a lengthy work, such as a book, refer only to the chapter or pages you will be using. 

ASSESSMENT: is the work credible and trustworthy? How do you know? 

REFLECTION: How will I use this content in my report? Here is an additional resource:

Rough Draft (50 points):

Follow the example in Ch 21 and the samples I post as you compose this document. Points will be awarded based on the completeness of the draft as well as quality.

We will not complete the peer review this time, but I  suggest you use the checklist from Chapter 21 of the text (the section called “Checklist: Analytical Reports”) and consider all questions except for the final one about the delivery option. This can help ensure your work meets assignment requirements.  

Formal Report (150 points):

The following should be included. Items in italics are optional based on your need. The other items are required. This report must not be addressed to me; think of a suitable audience for it.


You must use 5 sources (minimum) in your report. These may be from journals, books, or electronic sources. You may not use Wikipedia. You will document your sources on an APA or MLA style reference/works cited page AND cite within the report. If you are unsure about this, ASK! Use the Writing Center for help. They offer online and face-to-face assistance.

The finished report should be 10 pages long including the necessary items above. Optional items will increase the length. Other than adding appendixes, the report should not exceed 15 pages.

Reflection Memo for W231 (5 points)

You survived! Please reflect on the course and what you gained from it.


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