Each of the passages below, A and B, contains an argument by analogy. Choose one of the passages and answer the questions that follow.

A. Children are not allowed to vote in democratic elections because they are not smart enough or sufficiently informed about politics to be entrusted with this responsibility. But in our society, many adult citizens aren’t very intelligent and they have no idea what the current political issues are or where each party stands on them. These adults shouldn’t be allowed to vote either.

B. I have heard it argued that the government should cut unemployment benefits because budget spending on welfare is expected to increase substantially over the next forty years. Well, I’ve got a small tree at my house. In forty years’ time it’s going to be a big tree and it’s branches will be hanging over my roof. Should I cut it down now too?

(i) Identify the kind of analogy in the argument.

(ii) Identify the main conclusion of the argument.

(iii) Identify the primary subject and the analogue subject in the analogy.

(iv) Briefly evaluate the argument.


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