The topic is: Art-Literacy Connection: How can ‘the arts’ be utilized in the teaching of literacy? That is, the performing arts such as drama, dance, movement, and music, and the visual arts such as painting, etching, dioramas, puppets, murals? (Please refer to items 1-5 above).
1. An introduction that includes an explanation/discussion/definition of the topic under study. Be sure to include a definition of the topic (e.g., what is bibliotherapy?). Discuss characteristics, benefits; implications for practice). Organize this introductory section into subheadings and utilize paragraphs as needed and include supporting literature where relevant. The literature used in the introductory section can be added to those used for the annotated bibliography section. These must be included in the reference list.
2. Annotated Bibliography: In this section, include annotated bibliography information from 6 or more sources (APA format) (i.e., including peer-reviewed journal articles, children’s books, webinars, online articles, videos, etc.) that support the selected topic. Students must also attach the first page of each journal article in an Appendix section. For assistance in writing annotated bibliography please visit: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)(Permission to use- Olin Library Reference Research & Learning Services Cornell University Library Ithaca, NY, USA)
3. Ideas for Practical Application: Include in this section two suggested ideas, strategies, activities, or simulations you could apply in your classroom with a grade level of your choice. You can include relevant children’s books and/or materials to support the ideas suggested.
4. Reference List: All cited sources including those in the annotated bibliography.
5. Appendices: Add the front page of your selected journal articles or include the hyperlinks to article. Please ensure that the hyperlinks work.


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