The Client & Background Information Salus Marine Wear is a local company that manufactures life jackets (PFD’s). They sell B2B and B2C. You have been asked to develop a preliminary report on how the company can improve their brand visibility and sales in the next quarter April 1 to July 1. Compose a brand positioning statement, choose 5 of the categories listed below and write a goal and set of objectives for each. Previous Quarter Sales B2B Revenue $78,000 B2C Revenue $250,000 Online Revenue $20,000 Your 3-month IMC Budget : $10,000 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Criteria: A) Brand Positioning Statement Compose a positioning statement that explains the company’s communications, branding, and messaging goals. Your statement should encompass the company’s values, vision, or mission, as well as how the business’s offering benefits perspective customers and/or the community in general.

Write 5 goals and 10 objectives for alteast 6 sections 

B) Types Of Goals & Objectives

1.Digital Marketing

2.Direct Marketing




6.Public Relations



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