Caitlin is a senior in high school. She is finding it difficult to decide what to do after graduation. Two of her choices are going to a nearby community college or finding a full-time job. Her friends have told her about jobs in local businesses or she can stay working at the local yogurt shop if she wants to and eventually move up to Assistant Manager. Her mother would like her to go to college and feels it’s a mistake if she falls out of the habit of studying. If she goes to college she will have to stay at home because she won’t be able to afford her own apartment unless she takes on a lot more hours a the yogurt shop or elsewhere.


Post your reaction to the case study called, “Caitlin’s Dilemma.” What values are Caitlin and her mother expressing? What alternatives should Caitlin explore further? What decision would you make if you were Caitlin? How could the DECIDE model help her?


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