Write a brief essay on the topic given below. The essay should be three double-spaced pages in length (between 900 and 1000 words computer word count), using 1-inch margins and a  standard font (e.g., Times New Roman, size 12). Part of the assignment involves explaining the relevant course concepts and advancing your argument concisely, so make sure you attend to the word limit.  


You must submit your work online through the Assignment 1 folder in LEARN Dropbox.  Please note carefully that only ONE file will be accepted to Dropbox. Therefore, you must not use Dropbox to store drafts or otherwise incomplete versions of your work. Use only supported browsers to submit your work. See below for detailed instructions on preparing online submissions and submitting them to LEARN Dropbox.  

The following pieces of information MUST be on the front page of your assignment: • Student ID Number 

DO NOT include your name anywhere on the assignment. Your student number is all that’s needed.  

Use one of the following file formats for your submission: Rich Text Format (.rtf) or Microsoft  Word format (.doc or .docx). 

Late policy:  

Late essays will be penalized at the rate of 10% per day late. No exceptions will be made without a documented excuse of sufficient weight (e.g., a medical emergency). 

Note on plagiarism: 

Passing off the work of others as your own constitutes plagiarism and is a serious offence. All suspected cases of plagiarism are referred to the Associate Dean’s office. See the Faculty of  Arts webpage on Ethical Behaviour for important information on plagiarism and other academic offences. See below for instructions on appropriate methods of a citation for your essay. 


Discuss A.M. Turing’s proposal that “the imitation game” can serve as an adequate test for whether or not a machine can think. What kind of machine does Turing have in mind, and what does the imitation game involve? (Try to devote approximately 300 words, or 1 double-spaced  page, to this section of your discussion.)  

Then, consider “Lady Lovelace’s Objection” (p. 450). Briefly, what is the objection and how does it pose a potential problem for Turing’s point of view? (Try to devote approximately 150 words,  or half a double-spaced page, to this section of your discussion.) 

Finally, critically discuss Turing’s response to the objection. How does Turing defend his view against Lady Lovelace’s objection, and is his defence successful? Note that this part of the essay requires some critical reflection of your own—you should try to take a position and make a case for it by presenting your own reasoning! (Try to devote approximately 450-550 words to  this section of your discussion.) 

Note: The suggested lengths proposed above for the various elements of your discussion are guidelines, rather than strict requirements, so some deviation from them will be tolerated. The important thing is to divide your work sensibly between the various tasks outlined above.  

Further Guidelines 

Here are some basic points to remember when writing your essay: 

Sources and Citations 

Providing appropriate citations is an important part of the task of this essay assignment. Follow the instructions given below carefully. Be aware that citations are needed not only for direct quotations but for any representation of ideas drawn from other authors (e.g. paraphrases,  summaries, etc.). Also, be aware that failure to provide appropriate citations constitutes an academic offence.  

Guidelines for Submitting Papers Online 

How to Submit Assignments Online Using a LEARN Dropbox Click on the Add a File button within the Dropbox and select My Computer.  

If you are having difficulties uploading your files, please try the following: Check the computer requirements.  

Assignment Return: Your graded assignment will be returned to you through Dropbox.  Review the graded file for feedback on your work.


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