You recently started working at a new job, and immediately see that there is a lot of miscommunication between the supervisor’s expectations, and the employee’s understanding of what the supervisor means. You also see that there are a lot of tense relationships and not everyone gets along. The supervisor plays favorites, and also mainly depends on computer or electronically mediated communication to give information to his employees. After losing an important client due to another miscommunication between himself and an administrative assistant, your Supervisor asks you what you think about the communication climate in the office. Using various concepts from chapters 1-4, what do you tell him? What would you suggest is adding to the ineffective communication environment? What tips would you give him? To receive full credit, postings need to be thoughtful; that is, they need to address the topic at hand and include personal related experiences, references to the chapter, relevant issues in the news, information obtained from other sources, or ideas Discussion 2 The book puts forth some pros and cons of electronic meetings. After reading pages 176-180, express your views. Do you think face-to-face meetings are better than electronic meetings, or vice versa? Why or why not? Also, include your preference when it comes to scheduling a meeting and why


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