For this assignment, you will review and respond to three business scenarios

Assignment Instructions
Review the business scenarios and determine what would be appropriate in a business setting. Respond to each scenario with 5 to 6 sentences.

Scenario 1: Verbal Communication
Patricia is a new hire in the Marketing department. She has a degree for the University of Illinois and wears her sweatshirt to work every day. During a meeting, her boss stated, “Hey, P, why are you wearing that shirt? They are in the worst team in the conference! If you want to keep working here, you may need to buy a new shirt with your next paycheck.” Patricia is very upset but since it was her boss she decides to not wear the shirt anymore.

Scenario 2: Non-verbal Communication
Carlos walks into the office and discovers an unwrapped burrito on his desk for the fourth day in a row. Like always, he throws it away. Matthew approaches Carlos and asks, “Hey, you get that lunch that we left for you?”

Scenario 3: Written Communication
You receive a group text message from your manager. The message reads, “Kris if you show up late again you\’ll be fired. We can\’t have lazy, stupid people like you working here!” Note: you are not Kris.


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