Identify at least three similarities and one difference between Genesis 1-3 and Revelations 21-22 and answer the following question:

You are required to post a thread in response to the provided prompt for this discussion board forum. The initial thread should be 200-300 words in length. In addition to posting an initial discussion board thread, you are required to reply to 2 other classmates threads. Each reply must be 150-200 words in length and be substantive in content, adding to the discussion the classmate began in his/her original thread. 

Your discussion board posts should include at least two sources to support your response to the discussion board prompt and classmates’ responses. The sources should be cited using either MLA or Turabian writing format. For further instructions on discussion board assignments, please refer to the instruction and grading rubric documents provided below.

In your discussion board posts, it is expected that you use sources. The posts should not be merely your own opinion, but rather your thoughts as developed through the material, you have studied that week. Here are some guidelines about using sources:

  1. In order to get full points, you must make reference to at least two separate sources in each post.
  2. Your initial post should make reference to at least one of the textbooks.
  3. Listing sources at the end of a post does not count as using them. You must include a specific page that you are referring to in your post.
  4. You are expected to use the Bible when relevant to the question, but it is not considered a source.
  5. A resource is a textbook, one of the readings or videos identified in Blackboard or another source that you find through your own research.
  6. All sources should be cited and referenced in Turabian formatting. For further instruction and examples of Turabian formatting and citations, please refer to the Formatting Guide document.


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