Read the career-related article: Troy Markowit’s “Constructing The Bridges Between College Majors and the Workforce.” and compose a rhetorical analysis in which you evaluate the quality and authority of the piece and its argument. IMPORTANT: As you begin composing your essay, consider who the target audience of the text is and what the author’s overall goals are. Then, examine what strategies the author employs to achieve their purpose. Is it an emotional appeal meant to tug at your heartstrings? Is it a “black & white” article filled with facts and statistics? Is the author reinforcing their credibility through techniques like a personal testimony, well-known organizations, and important scholars? Use the “Basic Questions for Rhetorical Analysis” to help guide you through the process of deciding whether or not the author has chosen effective and appropriate appeals for their text and audience. Note: Each of your paragraphs must provide evidence to support your belief that the author has successfully or unsuccessfully achieved their goals. DON’T simply summarize the article.


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