A company has been awarded a tender for the construction of 10 passenger ships of the same type.
wants to enter. The first ship required approximately 40,000 hours of labor and
The learning rate is estimated to be α=0.75. The labor fee is 10 TL/hour.
will remain constant. 250,000 per ship for labor from the company giving the tender.
TL will be received. Using this data, the company submits the tender offer and then the production.
In order to prepare its programs, it seeks answers to the following questions:
(a) What is the average labor cost per ship?
(b) What is the labor cost of the last ship built?
(c) The ship that suffered the most or brought the least profit in terms of labor costs.
which one?
(d) What is the maximum amount of damage (or minimum profit)?
(e) What is the zero profit (break-even) point for labor costs?
(f) What is the net profit or loss of the company from the whole project?


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