Please describe a new contact tracing process that could be implemented using digital tools and solutions to replace phone calls and spreadsheet reporting. Specifically: 1) How would people with positive cases use your idea to report symptoms and share a list of contacts with public health professionals? 2) How would your solution help contact tracing teams manage the process of reaching out to those who may have been exposed to gather information & provide guidance? 3) How would your solution record information to replace the existing method of creating manual spreadsheets? NOTE: Be specific about what digital technologies your solution would use (ex. SMS, apps, chatbots, etc.) and where possible, try to include automation as part of your solution. Your solutions should propose not just imagined technology but how and when that technology is used by whom, based on the diagram provided. If proposing a new technology solution (e.g. an app) be sure to explain how your solution is different/better than existing apps or solutions that people are already using. You are encouraged to research how other countries outside of the USA are successfully conducting their contact tracing. Feel free to include that research to strengthen your idea!


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