In this era, organizations are expected to have a) strong corporate strategies b) employ appropriate concepts of Corporate Governance, and c) Ethical considerations aligned with Corporate Governance and Strategy. You are required to take look at the list of organizations, provided at the end, prepare a  report of a minimum of 3,500 words and incorporate all facets in the form of a management report, which discusses the corporate strategy, governance, and ethics practices of a given organization within the environment in which it operates.  

What does the assignment require?  

You should have a sound understanding of the following: 

1) How to analyze business environment and development of business organisation which operates worldwide. 

2) The relationship between organisation’s resource, product/services and its environment. 3) How to evaluate business ethics from worldwide perspective? 

4) The concepts and perspective of Corporate Governance in an organisation. 

Students within the same college must not choose the same multinational organisation within a calendar  year; a list of 25 global companies is provided at the end of these guidelines for the use of students and  tutors.  

Examiner’s requirements  

In order to meet these objectives, you will need to address the following because these points actually  relate to the Learning Outcomes, which need to be covered by students.  

These are aspects of the organisation in its current environment and in relation to predicted future changes  in the environment from a global perspective. They relate directly to the Learning Outcomes of the unit.  Critical analysis of the specified organisation (products/services, markets, divisions and subdivisions). 

You will need to draw conclusions on the extent to which the organisation is managing and controlling the  variables that are most critical to its survival and prosperity, and hence its ability and propensity to achieve  its chosen goals. Conclusions should not merely repeat the points mentioned in the main text; they should  demonstrate critical thinking and original thought. 

Unit 2: Corporate Strategy, Governance and Ethics 

You are advised to examine the purpose of the unit, as stated in the syllabus, the learning outcomes and  the assessment criteria. By doing this you will remain focused on the key points that should be considered  in your research and report.  

Mark Scheme  

Quality of research undertaken [marks 0-20] 

Application of literature researched and appropriate theories used [marks 0-45] 

Conclusions [marks 0-25] 

Structure and clarity [marks 0-10] 

Word count  

The word count for this assignment is 3,500 words. A tolerance of +/- 10% is allowed where no penalty is  incurred.  

Where an assignment falls outside this tolerance the total mark awarded will be reduced. Assignments  which are up to 10% under or above the word count tolerance will be subject to a deduction of 5 marks,  with subsequent penalties of an extra 5 marks deducted for every further 10%. 

For clarification the word count applies to the entire body of the text (i.e. including headings, citations,  content of tables and diagrams) but does not include the reference list or the appendices. 

Materials included in appendices should add to the reader’s understanding of the assignment. All  appendices must be cited within the body of the assignment and must be clearly numbered. 

An accurate electronic word count must be noted on the front of all assignments. The penalty for not  providing a word count, or for providing an inaccurate word count, will be a deduction of 3 marks.

Unit 2: Corporate Strategy, Governance and Ethics 

List of organisations 

Below is a list of 25 large corporate organisations from which students are required to select one (only) for  their assignment topic. No two students within the same college must select the same organisation in a  calendar year. If a college has more than 25 students submitting an assignment for this unit, two students may choose the same company but they must choose a different topic/strategic decision and the tutor must  make note of this and forward it with the student assignments to LRN. 

Possible organisations: 


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