In this module, you will submit your final paper. You will write a scholarly paper that examines your own approach to Counseling and Christianity. This paper is meant to be an exercise in critical thinking, not simply a review of the text information. You should critically examine their own assumptions, limitations, and methods while integrating a Christian worldview throughout the paper. Remember, integration is far more than just adding Scripture to the content.
The paper should be 8 pages (not including the title page, abstract, or references). There should be a minimum of 7–10 references, 7 of which should be from scholarly journals. The paper should be written in APA (6th ed.) format, which provides information on writing (e.g., grammar), formatting (e.g., title page, abstract, headings), citing references, and much more. Use the table of contents in the APA formatting manual to help you locate things. Poor APA formatting will negatively affect your grade.  Submit your paper in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx).


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