Students are required to submit one final critical paper based on one of the course themes. Students cannot write their final critical papers on any theme they already covered in their short review papers. This critical paper offers students the opportunity to develop their analytical and critical approach by building their own thesis about a theme and critically examining it, using assigned readings, documentaries, lecture slides, course discussions, and external resources if needed. In the introduction of the final papers, students must clearly present their thesis statement and explain their paper outline. Students are encouraged to personally engage with the theme and explain how the assigned resources, including readings and documentaries, assisted them with understanding the theme or changed their perspectives on it. Thus, writing in the first person is welcome.
  • Use all three resources to do the paper.
Final assignments should be 3000 words, double-spaced. Students can use any formal citation style (i.e. MLA, Chicago, APA) of their choice, but it should be consistent throughout the assignment and should include a bibliography/works cited/references page (depending citation style). Assignments must be submitted to the assigned


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