You will be required to write a Critical Thinking Response in response to a prompt/question/debate from the textbook. The purpose of the Critical Thinking Response is for you to have the opportunity to flex the very areas of the brain that are learned about in this course. By engaging in these assignments you will have to reflect on the material and determine if you understand the content and are able to respond to the material in a way that reflects that. Each Critical Thinking Response must be at least 600 words to ensure adequate depth of reflection.
CT Response Module 1: Read “What is the nature of mental imagery” (p.16) and “Behavioral evidence for mental imagery” (p.159). Summarize in your own words the research conducted (p.159) and summarize the debate (p.16). What do you find interesting in the mental imagery research?  What is the debate about? Take a position on the debate regarding the nature of visual imagery.


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