Your exam (3) paper on the course “International and Comparative Education” (Autumn Semester  2020) builds on the knowledge gained from the course curriculum, i.e. its structure, contents and readings, lectures, discussions, and practical exercises. As for all courses within this Master’s  Degree Program 2020-2022, the relevance of your course paper to the entire program is of additional importance in view of its contribution to further studies and research required for the preparation and write-up of your Master’s Degree Thesis. 

The students should a write a paper containing a description of a theme of particular interest in the field of comparative and international education and discuss this theme critically in relation to the course content, the intended learning outcomes (see the Course Description), and the course literature. Make sure that the theme is discussed in relation to International and Comparative  Education. Explain, according to different sources from the course literature and other relevant literature, theories applied in the field of International and Comparative Education (see the Course  Description) and how they can be related to the chosen theme. Give examples of research areas within the field of international and comparative education that would be related to international and comparative education and the chosen theme. The paper should indicate different areas of research in the field of international and comparative education by describing the areas and giving some examples of relevant research within the area. 

The course paper shall:

Course Paper Length and Word count  

The course paper should be between 3000 and 7000 words in length. Course papers that are shorter or longer than the prescribed range will be affected in their grading.  

All text in the paper, with the exception of the table of contents, list of abbreviations,  appendices/annexes, and the reference list, are included in the word count. Please type the word count on the cover sheet.  

Assignment Due dates 

Course paper deadline 

The submission date is March 23rd, 2021, before midnight. The paper is submitted in the ‘Third-course assignment: upload papers’ (in word format) and ‘Third-course assignment (for the opponent) (pdf format) folders on Athena. Please save the document as your Surname, First Name. 


Further information on how to organize the opposition will be given after the submission date of March 23rd, 2021. 

Ethical issue 

Academic honesty and integrity must be respected. A reference list and proper citation of literature- including page numbers, and other sources, is a requirement for all assignments. The course examination is based on the quality of the course paper, including the references and citations.  

Any act of plagiarism is taken seriously.  

Plagiarism is an act of fraud that involves stealing someone else´s work, for example:

1) copying texts from other sources without giving proper citation;

2) failing to put quotation marks in for direct quotations;  

3) incorrect information about the source; and  

4) paraphrasing without proper citation.  

Self-plagiarism is also seen as an act of fraud. It is not allowed to use texts that you have written yourself and that have been examined as part of other university courses and present them as assignments for examination in a new course. This is referred to as self-plagiarism and is in the same way as other types of plagiarism taken seriously by Stockholm University. 

It is important that you understand the seriousness of the offense. At Stockholm University,  plagiarism is taken seriously and if the intention and degree of plagiarism are found inappropriate,  it will be reported to the University Disciplinary Board with a possible consequence that the student will be suspended from their studies for up to 6 months. Please read the following web pages to learn more about Regulations for Disciplinary Matters at Stockholm University: university-1.181 


The student assignment will be read, commented and graded by faculty staff members or associate members. Course grades will be entered into LADOK (the university’s central computerized database) ordinarily within 15 working days of the course examination date.  

Course grades are given according to a seven-grade, criteria referenced scale: Passing grades (in descending order) 

A = Excellent, B = Very Good., C = Good, D = Satisfactory, E = Sufficient Failing Grades: 

Fx = Fail, some more work needs to be done, F = Fail, major work needs to be done. A student who has previously passed the exam may not redo the exam to achieve a higher grade.


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