The focus of this discussion is to look at how people are socialized to hate specific groups and categories of people as well as how they can be resocialized to not hate those same groups and categories. Expanding on the video you watched this week by Sally Kohn “What We Can Do About the Culture of Hate” you will identify and sociologically analyze a person’s experience of unlearning hate. Start by finding an article or video of your own that discusses the topic of learning/unlearning hate. You are also welcome to speak from your own personal experience if comfortable doing so. You may also use one of the videos below if you wish. The videos below focus on learning/unlearning racism with a focus on people disengaging from white supremacist or nationalist organizations. After you listen or view the material analyze it from a sociological perspective with a focus on aspects of socialization. For example, in a school environment the topic of the hidden curriculum might emerge, or specific agents of socialization might be discussed that were instrumental in socializing them to hate or resocializing them to unlearn hate. Make sure to include and cite sources so that we can read/watch them as well.


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