This assignment is for my ethics in data analytics class. This is a two-part project. The first part is For this assignment, select an industry* [ My industry is the Health Care industry] that uses data analytics. Write a paper that addresses the following:

  1. A brief overview of the industry.
  2. How are big data and data analytics used by the industry? Can you identify the specific type or types of analytics that are being used?
  3. What business uses can you identify for the need to use data analytics? In other words, what are the business cases for using this data?
  4. Using the frameworks presented in this course, identify the specific ethical issues with respect to the collection, analysis, end-use, and release of the information. Your discussion should include topics like whether the data is/should be bought or sold, who handles the data, is there potential for harm to an individual if the data is re-aggregated or released, etc.
  5. For the ethical issues that you identified, discuss the potential negative impacts for individuals. What is the potential for unintentional downstream impacts?
  6. How should the industry respond to these ethical issues? Be specific and prescriptive in your response.
  7. Are there ethical aspects that you feel have been completely resolved through common business practices, formal agreements, legal rulings, or regulations? Which ethical aspects still need to be resolved?
  8. What are the risks to the industry from the use of data analytics?

Your final paper should be 10-15 pages in length. You must use a minimum of five currents (less than 5 years old) sources.


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