1. In order to reap democracy’s fruits, we have to endure many sacrifices. The cost of enjoying the freedom to express our views is that we must tolerate the despicable views of others. Giving everyone the freedom to worship as they wish means that beliefs that could probably warrant intervention with powerful psychopharmacology are instead accorded the utmost respect. And a legislature made up of popularly elected representatives means that our laws are made by bodies that include no small number of liars, knaves and fools. This is the democratic bargain, and it’s worth every penny.”

2. “An incident in Komi republic, in northern Russia, resulted in an oil spit. Local environmental groups raised the alarm, but the pipeline operator only learned about the incident from media reports. Environmentalists managed to reach the site of the accident and take water samples. They also spoke with the local population. Residents of the town of Van-pi told them that they had seen a large fire and black smoke, like from petroleum, on the frozen Pechora River on the 27th of December.” a. Argument b. Explanation c. Description


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