Debate Topic: Developing an Inland Port in Salt Lake


[Opening remarks] Pro-Inland Port – Economic Benefits

In 5 to 7 minutes, provide a brief overview of the issue, include your stance, and use the majority of your time to provide supporting evidence. Focusing on 2 or 3 major points of evidence will probably fill the time limit; rather than a long list of reasons why your position is the correct on with limited support, concentrate on two or three of the most important/compelling reasons and describe these in detail.

[Rebuttal] Pro-Inland Port – Economic Benefits

After opening remarks have been presented, there will be the opportunity for a 4- to 6-minute rebuttal. Use this time to argue against your opponent’s major points and summarize your own to strengthen your case. You must substantiate why you believe your viewpoint has merit. For instance, you could point out what you think the biggest flaw of your opponent’s argument is and convince us that your position is superior. 

**Actual Script Bulletpoints [Opening remarks]**

being an issue rather than a perk.

** I need a script for [Rebuttal] side from the [Opening remarks] actual script above. 

  : I think it should be about the inland port won’t affect the local economy in a good way. 

** Please write 400 words of [Rebuttal] side script based on the direction above

** Please include 4 reliable sources in the script (APA style). 


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