Developing Group Identity
Although team climate develops from how people perceive the interrelationships among the group members, a strong coach or leader can help influence the effective functioning of the group. Furthermore, research has shown that strong social support provided by a group has positive benefits, including aiding in physical and mental recovery. This exercise will allow you to think of some ways that you, as a group leader, can help a group establish a strong sense of group identity.

1. Imagine that you have just become the coach of a basketball team or that you are leading a group of clients in a cardiac rehabilitation program. You believe that situations or communication with the team or clients would go better if the team/group developed an identity.

NOTE: Identify yourself a coach of a basketball team or leader of cardiac rehabilitation program within your initial discussion.

2. In your initial post, describe specific ways you would help a group form a sense of group identity.

Discuss the following concepts within your initial discussion regarding Developing Group Identity:
a. Ways to enhance social support
b. Ways to increase proximity
c. Ways to increase group distinctiveness
d. Ways to create a perception of fairness
e. Ways to increase similarity

Identify each of the aforementioned concepts presented within your initial discussion in BOLD font.


Using a real-life example from sport and/or business, list three (3) key team building characteristics that you feel led to an achievement culture. Identify each team building characteristic presented within your initial discussion in BOLD font.


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