Differential Association Theory 

In criminology, examining why people commit crimes is very important in the ongoing debate on how crime should be handled and prevented. You are required to submit a topic related to the examination of why crime occurs and how you would go about preventing crime. Your topic, along with a minimum of 3 academic sources, must be submitted to the drop box which will be reviewed and approved.  

In addressing the topic you will need to select one theory that is covered in the book. With that theory, you will need to apply it to at least one personal crime and one property crime. In doing so be sure to address why the crime occurs according to the theory and how the crime can be prevented according to the theory.  You will also want to provide a brief history of the theory and its utility of the theory today.  

Written Work Requirements:  

Students are required to use the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) (7th ed.) as the primary reference as they prepare their written work for submission. Paper submissions must be written using Times New Roman with 12-point font, double-spaced throughout the document, and one-inch margins. Items submitted are expected to be of college-level quality, language, and depth and in APA  format. APA format is emphasized and used in most social sciences. All written work submitted for grading must include a cover page that includes all required APA cover page information. See D2L content for APA examples or you can purchase an APA manual. It is imperative that the written work is the  student’s work; therefore, direct quotes are not appropriate and the student must give the proper credit in any  work to avoid any plagiarism issues.  

Wikipedia is not permitted as a source.  

Exploratory Research /Analysis (This is a mandatory assignment. Failure to submit may be grounds  for an automatic drop.):  

Minimum Requirements:  

All research papers must be written in essay format (Introduction, Body, and Conclusion – 5 paragraph essay minimum) and have the proper paragraph structure (minimum of five sentences per paragraph). All papers are required a minimum of 2+ pages in length, not including the cover page, abstract page, or reference page(s). 2+ pages mean that there must be two complete pages of text in addition to at least one word on the third page. Likewise, 3+ pages indicate that there must be 3 complete pages of text as well as at least one word on the 4th page. Each paper must include an APA cover page, APA abstract, APA citations within the paper that document/support the major points (all citations must be listed on the reference page and all references must be cited), and an APA reference page that lists all references in the required APA  format. All papers must have at least 3 scholarly references. The student must address the topic specified.  All papers must be submitted using .doc, .docx. or .rtf. Papers must be one complete document (do not submit a separate cover page, body, and references); additionally, all papers must be submitted using the  D2L dropbox. Do not write in first person (no – I, we, me, us, or our) and no direct quotes (it is imperative that students paraphrase the information from their references in their own words; however, paraphrasing still requires proper citations).  

 “Many paper assignments call for you to establish a position and defend that position with an effective argument. However, some assignments are not argumentative, but rather, they are exploratory. The main point is to  conduct an inquiry into a topic, gather information, and share that information with readers.” (“OWL online writing  lab”, 2014)  

Criminal Justice Paper Grading Rubric:  

A Paper: 100-90 

The student has an excellent analysis of the subject with no quotes and no issues with plagiarism.  The student has superior use of APA 7th edition format within the paper, which includes properly cited references within the body of the paper and has numerous citations to give proper credit to all sources throughout the paper. 

The student has excelled above the required minimum page length and required references (3+  pages and 6 references).  

The student has minimal grammatical errors and an overall superior level of college work.  

B Paper: 89-80 

The student has a good analysis of the subject.  

The student has only minor problems with APA 7th edition format within the paper but includes an  APA reference page and APA citations within the body of the paper.  

The student has completed a paper that is above the required minimum length and required references (3+ pages and 4 references).  

The student has some grammatical issues or clarity issues; however, the paper is considered higher than average college work.  

C Paper: 79-70 

The student has an average college-level analysis of the subject.  

The student includes an APA reference page and has APA citations within the body of the paper for all references.  

The student meets minimum page length requirements and required references (2+ and 3  references).  

The students writing style and clarity are considered average.  


 D Paper: 69-60 

The student has met the minimum requirements; however, the quality of the paper is below average.  

**Late work is not accepted.  

If any student has difficulties with writing assignments, they are encouraged to contact the instructor for assistance. Additionally, the students are encouraged to utilize the Education Assistance Center (EAC),  Temple College Writing Center, or Smart Thinking (located within D2L) for assistance. 


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