The purpose of this assignment is for you to refine your philosophy.  Your philosophy can be defined as your system for the conduct of your career and your life.  In order to be a resource to others, particularly in a philosophy-driven field such as education/reading, it is important to have a firm understanding of your own philosophy, and its roots. The roots of your philosophy are grounded in things you’ve learned, read, or experienced firsthand.  Be sure that your philosophy is associated with a research philosophy.

For example, when I conducted research my writings were based on theorists, Vygotsky and Chomsky, the dual code theory, and semiotic theory.


Write a paper, approximately 3-5 pages in length that expresses your general educational philosophy using reading and language arts as your specific examples. You may discuss the following (but not be limited by these categories):

  • the purpose of education
  • the role of the educator
  • the relationship between teachers and students
  • classroom climates
  • curriculum design and decisions

Anchor, or ground, your comments using concepts and quotes from previous classes, conferences, readings, and experiences. Be authentic, professional, and concise.


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