Essay Rehearsal 2: Titus Andronicus

Titus Andronicus offers an opportunity to explore what one might discover about a play if approached in the light of its genre. Indeed, Titus can be very instructive because it was the earliest of Shakespeare’s plays that we would categorize as a tragedy (as opposed to a ‘history’ play like Richard III, even though the title pages of the early quarto texts also called it a ‘tragedy’). Given that context and given how strange Titus Andronicus seems compared to other tragedies by Shakespeare, here’s the analytical activity of reading Titus through the lens of genre:

  1. Read the summaries of, or excerpts from, the Theories of Tragedy (PDF). For one of the theories, note two or three of the key points of its concept of tragedy.
  2. Explain in what ways that concept of tragedy applies to, and/or fails to apply to, Titus Andronicus. If we approach Titus from the perspective of that theory, what do we learn about the play?


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