Case Analysis tips: For the Individual Written Assignments, each write-up should include an executive summary (maximum length of one page) outlining key issues and recommendations. The main body of the report must be no shorter than 10 pages and no longer than 20 pages, single-spaced. The main body should comprise: • Executive Summary –Identify the key problem and summarize the thesis statement in 1-5 sentences; • Introduction/Background information – include relevant facts and issues on the company. Competitors, industry; This will provide evidence that you have conducted additional research on the problem; • Alternatives – describe three alternatives the company may take going forward, describe existing constraints and explain why some alternatives were rejected; these should be supported by both quantitative and qualitative analyses • Recommendation/Solution – of the three alternatives, provide the one justifiable and realistic solution to the problem; explain the reasons behind the proposed solution; support this solution with justification and include relevant theoretical concepts as well as the results of your research. Figures and tables could be placed in an appendix at the end of the paper but preferably incorporated in the body where appropriate. All figures and tables must be numbered and all pages, including pages with tables and figures, must be numbered. Preparation is key so please read all cases carefully before class. It is difficult for us to review the case if it hasn’t been read and the solution (ie the crux of your report) is hidden in the problem description. As you read the case, it may help if you: 1. Identify the problem; 2. Think about the underlying causes of the problem; 3. Make an outline – this will help identify the main points when writing the report; 4. Examine cause-and-effect relations – try to explain why the problem occurred and which actions led to the reason for this problem; 5. Formulate at least three alternative actions and one recommendation/possible solution to the problem Soft copies of the Reports will be uploaded to Canvas by 11.59 pm on the due date (class) they are due. If you are unable to upload your assignment, please inform me as soon as possible. Late assignments without a prior arrangement are not accepted.

Cisco reports 4th quarter and fiscal year 2015 earnings

Events that shaped cisco in 2011

Cisco to take 700 million in restructuring charges for layoffs


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