Using the ethical/legal framework grid ( in PPT and text) categorize each of the scenario’s below into one of the four possibilities with a brief ( a couple of sentences) explanation for your choice.

  1. Multiple companies meet and agree to bid rigging for sealed tender government contracts. Consider the Competition Act as it relates to Bid Rigging.
  2. A company is “slugging” or using the guise of research to make sales. Once the individuals agrees to the “research” the sales people switch to making a sales pitch.
  3. A real estate agent sells an very expensive high rise condo to a buyer because they know the buyer loves the view of the water. The agent knows that in less than a year a new building will be built to block the view of the current condo. The agent decides not to disclose this information to the buyer as it is not yet public knowledge.
  4. A company has interviewed for a position in a male dominated industry for which a female candidate is more qualified and experienced than her male competition. They know, however, that many of their clients prefer dealing with male sales people and they decide to hire a male for the position for this reason.


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