Many people wonder how an attorney could act as defense counsel for certain people and question the ethics of that attorney. As an example, one might look to the attorney who defended Casey Anthony in her recent murder of her child (Florida). What do you think? Should the ethics of Casey Anthony’s attorney be questioned? What about OJ Simpson’s attorney? Should an attorney agree to defend an unpopular person who many people believe is guilty? Why do you feel the way you do? Answer the Discussion Thread, students are expected to be respectful to others. Option B One of the most controversial laws in America is the death penalty issue. Many people in this country as well as a large portion of the world believe the use of the death penalty constitutes “cruel and unusual” punishment and believe its use as a viable punishment should be eliminated. The law has been challenged many times in our court system and has been stopped due to Constitutionality questions in the past. It is currently the law of the land in the United States and while its use is not common, it does happen. What are your thoughts on the subject? Should the United States continue to use the death penalty as a punishment option? Why or why not. Do you think it is a deterrent to crime or is it simply the ultimate punishment for those that desire it? Why or why not. Try to support your opinion with “factual” data if possible.


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