The Dreyer family is a devout Jewish family living in Hart City. Mr. Dreyer is a supervisor at a manufacturing company. Mrs. Dreyer is an elementary school teacher. The Dreyer’s are very active members at their local synagogue. They have a son, David, who is away at college. Mrs. Dreyer’s mother, 87, receives care at a local nursing home. Recently, Mrs. Dreyer noticed scars on her mother’s arms and torso. She complained to the nursing home administrators to no avail. They wrote the injuries off as minor falls. Mr. and Mrs. Dryer decided to file a complaint with the Hart City Adult Protective Services (HCAPC). Upon investigating, they found that a caregiver abused Mrs. Dreyer’s mother. They believe she was singled out due to her Jewish heritage. Authorities closed the nursing home, and many other families had to find immediate arrangements for their loved ones. Mr. and Mrs. Dreyer took legal action against the nursing home staff member’s criminal behavior and civil action against the institution. This caused a lot of stress and unwanted attention to the family and created division among the local newspapers and the community. They also became the victims of anti-Semitic attacks and threats. Mr. Dreyer has been stressed and has underperformed at work. Mrs. Dreyer received a request to take a leave of absence from her teaching duties. Their son, David, has returned home from college to lend support. The family contacted the HCAPC Legal and Family services to help them get their life back in order and heal their community.

How would one recent current event influence how you approach this case study? Be specific. Support your post with specific NOHS ethical standards?


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