Experience Economy and Behavioral Economics

How does a collective group experience translate into behavior? Think from large scale (collective group) to small scale (individual member). Using Kahneman’s concepts about intuition, how do certain attitudes and behaviors become intuitive or second nature for people within a group? How are these judgements and choices governed?

Learning Objective: Demonstrate an understanding of what makes an “experience,” the various components of one, and how multidimensional experiences can use technology to influence one’s sense of Self, affiliation to a larger collective, and the overall consumer experience. Understand the parts which establish personal intuition (in judgement, choice preferences and attitudes).

General Points to Consider:

All the aspects of building an experience

Role of story, persuasion, human cognition in creating an experience

The concept of “currency” and how other things are measured as having value

Can members within a same group experience different sentiments?

Differences between personal intuition and group ideologies


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