Fan Identification and Consumer Behavior

The project has 2 parts

1) Complementary Media Attachment

2) Research paper (8-10 pages)

expand the areas brought up over project 2.


The ability to translate large ideas into a visual media component is VERY important. Think of this as a visual elevator pitch or a conceptual movie trailer. The point is to captivate your reader’s attention, intriguing them to want to learn more (or potentially invest in a business setting) while serving as a visual complement to your paper’s focus.

This must be VISUAL.

– PowerPoint presentation


Select a specific community/group that fits within your professional, academic, and/or personal passions and goals. A community for this project is any social collective with an understood shared set of interests, goals, attitudes, values, customs, etc. Your selected group should have a number of members who believe to have a shared social identity and a feeling of fellowship derived from some mutual beliefs.

Remember – brands create communities as well. Examples of communities can be a fandom groups (a sporting team, Harry Potter, BeyHive, etc.), loyal consumers base (Apple, Windows, Tesla, etc.), a health inspired fitness ensemble (Crossfit, yoga, vegans, Zumba), advocate, government, or geographically based (a military organization, Planned Parenthood, Venice Beach, CA, a college fraternity or sorority, etc.).

NOTE: If you pick a specific brand as your choice, illustrate the demo they serve and how their offerings serve the larger collective.

NOTE 2.0: Submit topic and paper statement for approval PRIOR to writing

Once you’ve picked a group/community, articulate the following:




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