Arguably, the logistics and supply chain systems used by FedEx are some of the most
advanced in the industry. For example, tracking numbers are one of FedEx’s most
significant contributions to the courier industry. Customers can track their packages in
real-time thanks to numeric strings, which have become a golden standard in modern
shipping. A computerized tracking network, known as COSMOS, is the key to FedEx’s
superior digital tracking service (Customer Operations Service Master On-line System).
FedEx is able to monitor every step of the delivery process thanks to this system, which
tracks shipments from the moment they arrive at their offices to the moment they are
delivered. Order placement and status updates can also be sent via electronic data
interchange (EDI), a technology adopted very early by the company [7]. Besides, FedEx
uses a common warehouse management system, allowing for greater consistency in
capabilities and experience across the globe. FedEx has embraced IoT-related services
such as the SenseAware system. An electronic sensor is placed inside packages, pallets,
trailers, and even warehouses in order to monitor the environment of a shipment while it is
being transported. The sensor then transmits the data wirelessly to a management
software system, where it is stored for further analysis and decision-making [5]

-Classify the potential risks associated with the FedEx e-commerce
business model. (600-700 words – state resources)


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