So we had to read an article called “Following Lance Armstrong: Excellence Corrupted” She asked us these questions below:

1. Summarize the case: Who are the actors, how are the actors involved, what is the ethical dilemma, and what is at stake, or what is the ethical dilemma? What ethical reasoning concepts are present in the case?

2. What would you do? Provide a solution (you can draw on the end of case questions to formulate your proposed solution).

3. Create an example and use the case concepts (e.g., truth, honesty, &, etc.) How would the case concepts help solve the dilemma you experienced? Think about a time that you experienced with similar circumstances as Lance Armstrong and other people in the case. What happened, why is your experience like the case, and how did you resolve the dilemma?

4. Describe the managerial implications– this is the “why does this matter as a manager statement”


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