In The American Yawp Reader (link on Canvas under Modules), read the following 12 documents:

Chapter 16: Andrew Carnegie, Henry George, The Omaha Platform, Lucy Parsons, “The Tournament of Today,” “Lawrence Textile Strike.”

Chapter 18: Andrew Carnegie, Jacob Riis.

Chapter 20: Eugene Debs, Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, “Next!”

Once you are completed with reading the documents, type up answers to the following questions in a Microsoft Word document and submit it the the

1. Explain how these documents describe the two sides of the Gilded Age: economic progress and socioeconomic burdens.

2. Explain, based on these documents, how the inequalities of the Gilded Age led to ideas of reform.

3. Compare and contrast the Socialist and Progressive viewpoints within these documents. Why do you suppose the nation went the Progresives

4. Look specifically at Andrew Carnegie’s two documents in Chapters 16 and 18. As a representative of the “robber barons,” how do his documents compare and contrast with the others presented here? What is addressed, what isn’t, and does he have a good point to make?


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