This essay is about the similarities and differences between White Fell (WereWolf from Housman’s Version of “ The Were-Wolf”) and Jacob from The Twilight Saga Series (specifically “New Moon”). My professor first wanted me to state that Jacob is not considered a werewolf but a shapeshifter. In the analysis paper, my professor wants us to identify our 1890s gothic character and discuss its characterization in the original text (which is White Fell). The second thing is to explore how the modern depiction of the character (Jacob) differs from the original character (White Fell). The third thing is to discuss how the recasting of the character reflects the cultural anxieties of the time (she stated to use an academic source that talks specifically talks about how Jacob; how modern society accepts people/beings that are different). Lastly, reveal the argument the author, director, etc. communicates to contemporary audiences through the character’s recasting. Here is the link to the story of “The Were-Wolf” by Clemence Housman ->


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