Explain one issue in the following topic: IMMIGRATION AND RACIAL FRAMING. THEN include the following information about IMMIGRATION AND RACIAL FRAMING: • Brief outline of the racial inequality issue? o What is the racial and ethnic issue? What is the definition? What happens to someone facing this issue? • Impact of the Problem o Include data – statistics, percentages. Who is most affected? Why? Share ideas, concepts, and/or theories to help readers understand the issue. • Significance o Explain why it should be seen as important to the community. Why should ‘we’ as a community and/or as individuals care about this issue? What is it in for all of society to be actively aware of this racial issue? • Steps towards improvement o What can be done to improve this racial and ethnic issue? What should people be aware of that help towards making a difference? SOURCES SHOULD BE PEER-REVIEWED, FROM LEGIT SOCIOLOGY ARTICLES OR GOOGLE SCHOLAR.


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