With a strategic goal to expand globally this year, your company would like to open an office in your selected country. To make this important decision you must research the selected country and all the background information needed to understand that market thoroughly enough to make this decision. All data should be relevant to that endeavor. Use the following as a guideline to prepare your report. You may include more or less items depending on your product/service or country. Report structure: • 8 pages (default line spacing at 1.15 lines) in length exclusive of pictures, maps or charts • 11 pt. Arial font, left-justified text • 1-inch margins with page numbers • all sources cited using proper MLA or APA format Please include: Title page – not included in 8-page length requirements Introduction – includes background of your company with history and product/service – no more than one-page Culture of the company Strategy of your company – type, process, and implementation Readiness to diversify – experience in other markets, etc. Country Information location demographics – relevant information to your product/service language political – government regulations, relations to foreign businesses, corruption, stability, etc. economics technology infrastructure – transportation, buildings, power, communication, etc. legal – laws, court system, repatriation accounting practices and other financial issues culture – Hofstede, Trompenaar ethics communication social responsibility human resources – selection, training, termination, labor relations leadership style other information to help the reader understand the marketplace Conclusions and Recommendations – yes or no to entry and why (can be numbered or bulleted – with a short introduction) Bibliography – at least 6 sources – (not included in page length requirements) Appendix – (not included in page length requirements) maps, charts, articles, etc. Think in-depth about your business and the host country. For example: If you are operating a manufacturing plant, where will your raw materials come from, and who/how will you transport your finished goods to the distributor/end user, etc.?


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