Johari Window Exercise: Complete the Johari Window Exercise. You are looking to continually develop your open side. This assignment delves into the blind, open, and hidden sides of your personality. If you are uncomfortable discussing your Hidden Side – you do not have to discuss it. The same goes for your Unknown – Why you ask…Because it is Unknown. Talk with at least five (5) people you trust and ask them the following questions: How do you see me? What do you see that I do not see? Once you have interviewed your five (5) people record your findings on the Johari Window Worksheet. Then ask yourself – How do I see myself? (Open) Record your findings on the Johari Window Worksheet. Next, ask yourself – What are those things I keep to myself? (Hidden) Record your findings. Map all of your attributes on the window. Discuss your findings and their impact on you. Take your findings and develop your action plan for dealing with your new-found needs and personality traits by placing them in a blank Johari Window template provided for you. please just put your recordings in a script ! Dont make a video


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