1. The module speaks of different types of knowledge and our natural search for truth as humans. Define the three types of truth explained in Light of Faith. Then pick one of these types of truth to reflect on how the human person seeks scientific, philosophical, or religious truth in a communal sense. What are some things that impede this social or personal search for authenticity and truth in our current age?
  2. The Light of Faith speaks of our search for truth and our desire for communion and meaning as human persons. In what ways do our readings in the Light of Faith and the Catechism address our search for truth and our communal/social nature? How can living in communion help and hurt our search for truth and our calling to live lives for others?
  3. Many people struggle for a sense of meaning and purpose and a true sense of belonging. In what ways have you seen this struggle in our culture and how might our readings from the Catechism and Light of Faith address the struggle with emptiness and our desire for joy and authentic satisfaction? The module introduction shares a “wisdom song.” Do you have a song, book, movie, etc. that helps provide meaning and purpose? How does it compare/contrast to our readings?


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