Scenario 2 You are employed as a Junior Maintenance Engineer in a highly automated, high-volume industrial manufacturing environment. Output is frequently and unacceptably interrupted by an unscheduled breakdown of the production equipment. You have been tasked by your line manager to investigate alternative maintenance strategies/techniques by addressing the following task so that an informed decision can be made as to the approach to be taken to reduce unplanned outages.

Task 2

a) Briefly outline FOUR maintenance strategies used within an industrial environment and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of two of these strategies.

b) Discuss the importance of undertaking maintenance in an industrial environment, and the potential consequence of not completing the scheduled and non-schedule maintenance activities.

c) Referring to the maintenance strategies identified in a), provide practical examples of where each strategy would be most appropriate for specific components in a typical industrial manufacturing facility. Hint – you will need to recommend which strategy you use for components/systems such as lighting, mechanical mechanisms, motors, gearboxes, electronic sensors, control panels, bearings, etc, For aviation A-C check, D/F Check.


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