Assignment 1. Define the term “information system” and describe its various dimensions. Examine how information systems are transforming business.
Assignment 2. Describe “the Web,” how it works, its key components, and applications. Examine future trends related to “the Web.”
Assignment 3. Define customer relationship management (CRM) and describe why customer relationship is important to business. Analyze how CRM systems work and how they can assist organizations to achieve their goals.
Assignment 4. Summarize project management according to the textbook. Evaluate the objectives of project management and describe its importance in developing information systems.
Remember please,
– Each essay must be original and if I can request a plagiarism check.
– Each essay must be 850-1000 words (3-4 pages)
– if I can have at least 3 references in the essay
– below is what I am graded on:
1. Student used standard essay format: Introduction/Body/Conclusion. The structure is a multi-paragraph essay, clearly developed with effective transitions and solid topic sentences.
2. Student demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the ideas in the assigned reading and critically evaluates/responds to those ideas in an analytical persuasive manner (i.e. graduate level).
3. Student was able to respond clearly and directly to the assignment in an academic manner with good development. The essay indicates a good understanding of the course content and supports its points with textual and outside references.
4. Student demonstrated the use of critical thinking while making novels connections to outside materials and experiences. Analysis is fresh, posing new ways to think of the material.
5. Student demonstrated proper use of grammar, spelling, punctuation, citation style, etc. Writing consistently adheres to A.P.A formatting.


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