Chose a famous person (I am assigned MARK ZUCKERBERG) whom you feel is a great communicator.
Research… then briefly discuss the persons background and position in life and how that might have affected his or her ability to communicate.
Detail the types of communication (use specific communications, speeches, quotes, etc…) by this person and how it affects and or inspires you. What skills (reference powerpoints) does this person demonstrate that makes him or her a great communicator.
Consider the following questions to help you develop your paper.
What is this person\’s style of communication (DISC)? What is it about this person that you find appealing and or inspiring? How has this person\’s ability to communicate affected you personally? How has this person affected others? What were or are the conditions under which this person grew up? How did those conditions inspire or shape his or her style of communication? Is there a theme or purpose to this person\’s communications? ETC…
Finally, indicate what you have learned or taken away from communication(s) by this person.
Paper is worth 15 points, should 3-5 pages in length
* Note there is a scoring rubric included for this assignment (printed below if you need to copy and paste).


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