Paper Outline – Minimum Wage

I. Can a minimum income permanently replace government assistance programs to
reduce poverty and increase the growth of our economy?
1. Minimum income replacing gov’t social programs?
2. Mincome may not be the best solution for this country
3. In Canada example, it worked. May not work in home country.
4. The other option is raising the minimum wage to $15. Which poses its own pros &

II. Review of Economic issues
1. Implementing the mincome
I. Economic Equity, Economic Growth? Economic Stability is in question.
II. Disincentive to work? Is it taxed? Are people who are unemployed able to
live off of this $10,000?
2. Implementing the higher minimum wage
I. Job loss, unemployment, > consumption, productivity
II. Low skilled workers stay put, fail to increase their education
3. Research the cost of social programs; Medicaid, Medicare, Welfare, Social
Security, Food stamps, etc. Compared to other countries, does the U.S. offer too
I. Would the Mincome be more, less or as much as money received from these
social programs
4. Mincome probably a better idea in other countries
III. My Position


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